The Mistress

Welcome to My Kinkdom

Hello. I am Mistress Blaze. My name draws inspiration from the manner in which I live My life – fiery and fearless – with the mindset of a Queen and the heart of a warrior. When considering the possibilities put forward by R.H. Sin, I am the fire.

"Some women fear the fire. Some women simply become it."

– R.H. SIN –

"Some women fear the fire. Some women simply become it."

– R.H. SIN –

I embarked on my career as a Professional Dominatrix – leaping into the unknown, choosing to become the fire – after growing disenchanted with the corporate world. My infallible backbone and assertive, take-charge approach garnered much success during My corporate career, and spending time as an executive within male orientated companies left Me well-practiced in leveraging My psychological and intellectual prowess in bending men to My will.

I am a well-educated, intelligent, and naturally dominant Succubus, with vibrant purple hair and stunningly beautiful tattoos. Seduced by My mesmerizing eyes, devious smile, and intoxicating energy, you will willingly submit to My control and surrender to My desires.

I have been described as the embodiment of a ravenous Seductress, possessing an innate and magnetic attraction, with people drawn to Me like moths to a flame.

My manner is playful, compassionate, and nurturing – yet fierce, exacting, and sadistic – the most intoxicating cocktail of contradictions you’ll ever experience. A cocktail that will render you powerless and wantonly craving more.

I am drawn to deviance and harbor no attraction to living a conventional life based on societal expectations or norms. The unusual, the unique, the obscure – this is what attracts and intrigues Me.

My interest is in sharing authentic kink experiences with authentic people, ultimately allowing you to embrace and explore your true self. Whether you seek a sensual fetish session, an intense domination experience – or anything in between – you will find Me to be extraordinarily versatile and open-minded.

Becoming Blaze

I discovered my interest in power dynamics at an early age, and many forms of dominance and sadism are traceable throughout my life.

As the naughty, perverted kid on the playground, I enticed boys my age into countless games of ‘I’ll show you Mine if you show Me yours’ – only to mock their clitties or kick them in the balls – leaving them in tears as I ran away laughing.

In the present day, this deviance has only grown, and dances endlessly through My thoughts. Even while gardening or grocery shopping, My mind incessantly wanders to all manner of kinktivities.

Everything from picking an eggplant from My garden, with intention for it to serve as a substitute for My strap, before becoming a meal for one lucky devotee – to conjuring new ideas for rope bondage ties, an evil grin flashing across My face at the thought of immobile masochists helplessly devouring My inflictions, as I move through the check-out line.

The Artistry of Domination

Growing far beyond My playground games – now wiser and more refined – I’ve developed a unique style of sensual seduction. My exclusive brand of creative-evil-genius places an unmistakable twist on even the most common aspects of BDSM activities and tools, leaving you with a unique experience comparable to no other.

My domination practice is not about providing services. What I provide is an opportunity for you to serve, submit, and surrender.

I am available to discipline and train submissives, slaves, and sissies, and there are many ways I dominate during sessions. O/our play doesn’t have to hurt or include pain – unless W/we want it to! – as it takes only a few well-selected words, or a knowing glance, to render you powerless as you slip unreservedly under My control.

Everything about My persona as a Dominant is natural and unforced. My style of domination is unique, and I will not demand your submission. I view your submission as a gift, and once in the presence of My intoxicating energy, it’s a gift you’ll feel compelled to give freely.

I recognize every whimper that escapes your lips, every tensing of your muscles, and every curl of your toes as a token of that submission – and I thoroughly enjoy each one. My subs know I’m happiest when they hear Me laugh, or see an evil smirk flash across My face, as they fall deeper and deeper under My control.

your pleasure is My enjoyment.

your pain is My happy place.

My Training

Training isn’t only for My submissives, slaves, and sissies.

I take great pride in being a responsible and trustworthy Dominant, and ensuring I’m well practiced in safe and proper techniques across My full repertoire of kinktivities is paramount to Me.

I routinely engage in training to expand My skills and knowledge, perfecting My natural talents through both extensive formal education and personal experience alike – this includes regularly attending national BDSM conferences and regional workshops with established experts, conducting independent research, and engaging widely respected Professional Dominatrices for guidance.

During sessions, I pay close attention to verbal and nonverbal signals from My submissives, and as an empath, can intuitively read their thoughts, emotions, and feelings. My extensive training, attentiveness, and intuitive nature – combined with clear communication in both directions – enables Me to make informed decisions and craft scenes that ensure the best possible experience for O/our mutual enjoyment.

Surrender to My Desires

Are you ready to indulge your kinks, fetishes, and fantasies? Review My site in full before applying to book an in person or distance domination session with Me. If you can follow instructions, and approach in a respectful manner, I look forward to hearing from you soon!


“I believe in providing a safe and comfortable environment for people of all races, gender identities, and sexual orientations to explore their deepest desires, darkest secrets, and wildest fantasies.”

“I believe in providing a safe and comfortable environment for people of all races, gender identities, and sexual orientations to explore their deepest desires, darkest secrets, and wildest fantasies.”


Gifts are never expected, but always appreciated – and almost nothing will earn your favor in My eyes quite like giving Me exactly what I want.

If you wish to make a special impression before or upon arrival to your session – or simply want to capture My attention while admiring Me from afar – consider gifting Me something from My wishlist. If you elect to have a gift shipped to Me, please be sure to include a note so I may thank you properly.

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