Session Prep & Protocols

Preparing to Serve

Receiving the link to this page means that you’ve completed your application to serve and are likely to be entering My Kinkdom soon. To help ensure W/we both have a great experience, and that you’ll be permitted to serve Me again, I strongly advise you to review the standards of conduct outlined here, and commit them to memory before your first session.


Before Your Session

First impressions matter. Be prepared to follow the Confirmation Procedure and session prep guidance provided here to help ensure you make a good one.

No. 1


Confirmation Procedure

I will contact you to initiate My Confirmation Procedure the day before your scheduled session. Failure to follow the Confirmation Procedure will result in your session being cancelled, and your tribute being forfeited.

I will email you the day before O/our scheduled session to confirm. You shall confirm your attendance within 4 hours of receiving My email. My email will include the dungeon address and a phone number to text upon arriving at the dungeon.

I will email you at least 4 hours prior to O/our scheduled start time. You shall confirm your attendance within 90 minutes of receiving My email.

Send a text confirming your arrival at the dungeon to the phone number provided in My first confirmation email.

No. 2


Get a Good Night's Rest

Try to get a good night’s sleep the night before O/our session. Sleep is a pillar of good health, and if you’re groggy the day of, it can make playtime kinktivities more difficult – everything from having your hands restrained to processing more extreme sensations. You want to enjoy and make the most of your session, so do your best to get some rest.

No. 3



Make sure you’re clean – it’s almost unfathomable that I have to say this, but experience tells Me some subs just don’t understand. A Professional Dominant will touch you and be in your personal space, so unless you want to be locked in a cage and ignored for three hours, tend to your grooming before O/our session.

Wash your hair and body, pay special attention to your genitals, ass, underarms, and feet.

Groom down any hair on your genitals, ass, and chest.

Brush your teeth. Floss. Mouthwash.

Trim your fingernails and toenails. Consider getting a pedicure and/or manicure within a few days of your session.

Do not overuse your fragrance or cologne.

If your session will include anal play, perform an enema shortly before your scheduled start time. First time doing an enema? Check out this helpful guide on how to clean your ass.

If you fail to do this, you will be required to administer your enema before beginning play, which will count towards your session time.

No. 4


Meals & Hydration

Be sure to hydrate for a few days leading up to your session, and eat a small meal an hour or two before its scheduled start time. A full meal is not necessary, but you do need to ensure your blood sugar levels are stable before play – especially if it’s your first time, as you will not know how your body will respond to certain kinktivities. 

No. 5


Dress Vanilla

Do not arrive in any fetish attire. Wear your typical, everyday vanilla clothes – the duneon is located at a private residence, and it’s best not to alert any passers-by to the nature of the kinktivities taking place inside its four walls.

No. 6


Be Punctual

Arrive on time. No earlier, no later. Do not arrive at the dungeon more than 5 minutes before your scheduled start time – if you’re running early, wait at the Harris Teeter shopping center down the road. When you do arrive, text the number provided in My confirmation email the day before.

No. 7


Limit Distractions

Treat the session like you are going to work or on vacation, and have your personal schedule sorted before heading out to play. 

No. 8


Arrive Sober

Do not arrive to your session drunk, wasted, or high to the point of sloppiness – this violates My hard limits. Be in a stable mindset when you arrive. One drink to take the edge off is fine. Arriving inebriated is not.


Beginning Your Session

After greeting you at the entrance, I will welcome you into My Kinkdom before beginning O/our session. Follow the tribute protocol upon entry and get familiar with what to expect at the beginning of your first session.

No. 9



Place the remaining balance of your session tribute on the table next to the throne before entering the changing room to disrobe. This tribute must be in cash, and should be placed in an unmarked, unsealed plain white envelope before your arrival. Review the FAQs for a refresh on session tributes, deposits, and balances.

No. 10



I will take a few minutes before play begins to ask any questions I have, and will also field any questions you may have – while you may have provided comprehensive information in the application form, some questions may have surfaced for Me after a second reading of your application.

I will also use this time to briefly confirm your interests and hard limits, and establish a safe word for you to use during play as necessary. You may want to talk at length during this time, but keep in mind the consultation counts towards your total session time.

No. 11



Gifts are never expected, but always appreciated – and almost nothing will earn your favor in My eyes quite like giving Me exactly what I want. If you wish to make a special impression, you may present Me with a gift upon My greeting you at the dungeon. Need help with gift ideas? Check out My wishlists and preferences.


During Your Session

your purpose is to please, amuse, serve, and obey Me. It is an honor to session with Me, and you shall respect it as such by adhering to My standards of conduct during O/our play.

No. 12



My site includes a dedicated Etiquette page outlining communication standards and expected decorum. It is strongly advised that you review and understand these standards of conduct – and commit them to memory before your your first session – to ensure you know how to behave appropriately during O/our time together.

No. 13


Be Expressive

Let go and be expressive! The subs who are the most fun to play with are the most expressive ones. Go ahead and moan, squirm, gasp, or make funny noises… let go! I liken subs who aren’t expressive to pet rocks, and playing with a pet rock is no fun at all. 

No. 14


Your Safety

If you feel uncomfortable (in an unsexy or unintended way) during play, let Me know – this could mean your limbs are going numb, something is poking you in the wrong place, you pulled a muscle, or an old injury has become aggravated. There will be many times where you are intentionally uncomfortable throughout play – such as getting kicked in the balls, if that’s your thing, or while holding predicament bondage positions – but anything that seems unintentionally uncomfortable should be shared with Me immediately.

While I am exceptionally talented at reading subs, I’m not an actual mindreader. Do not be afraid to use your safeword for its intended use!