Playtime Prowess

My interests and talents in BDSM and fetish play are expansive, and continually growing on My personal journey through kink. Upon encountering a new interest, I become eager to add it to My repertoire – challenging Myself to learn more, and considering it a personal goal to excel in each new arrow added to My quiver.

I revel in exploring the new and unknown, and love corrupting open minds with kinktivities and fetishes previously unknown to them. Pushing your limits as an expression of your submission to Me is one of My greatest joys as a Dominant.

I customize each session based on O/our common interests, desires, and limits. I am a professional and respect limits – safe words will be established and no act will be allowed that can cause you serious harm.


My Spectrum of Interests

I enjoy play across a broad spectrum of interests, and have developed My talents in each of the kinktivities enumerated below. This list is not exhaustive. If you’re interested in something, but don’t see it on the list – just ask – so long as it’s not included on My list of hard limits.

Body Worship

Foot Worship and Foot Fetish, Leg Worship, Face-Sitting, and Smothering


Leather, Rope*, Tape, Saran Wrap, Chains, Shackles, Cuffs, Belts, and Gags (Note: Bondage activities range from light to heavy, including inescapable, extended, and mummification)

Corporal Punishment & Impact Play

Floggers, Whips, Straps, Paddles, Bare Hand Spanking, Canes, Birches, Hairbrushes, Bastinado, Phone Books, and Assorted Oddities I Acquire at Estate Sales

Couples Kink*

Kinky Couples Play, Cuckolding, and Female Domination Instruction (FemDomme, Chastity, Orgasm Control, etc.)

Erotic Denial

Chastity Training, Key Holding, Ruined Orgasms, Denied Orgasms, and Tease and Denial

Erotic Torture

Nipple Torture and Torment, Wax Play, Electro Play, Knife Play, Fire Play, Breath Play, Hair Pulling, and Tickle Torment

Fantasy Wrestling

Wrestling Holds including Choke Holds, Bear Hugs, Scissor Holds, etc. (Note: Bondage will be strictly enforced for O/our mutual safety; this is NOT competitive wrestling)


Leather, Latex, and Foot Fetish

Gender Play

Feminization, Cross Dressing, Sissy Training, and Gender Role Reversal

Genital Torture

CBT, Kicking, Kneeing, Trampling, Stretching, Weights, Hot Wax, Tight Bondage, Tying, Squeezing, Humbler, Slapping, Whipping, and Ball Busting

Humiliation & Degradation

Watersports (GS)*, Objectification, Crawling, Human Furniture, Face Slapping, Spitting, "Forced" Bi, Cuckold Fantasy, JOI, CEI, Public Humiliation, and Verbal Humiliation and Degradation (e.g., Insults, Name Calling, Mockery, etc.)

Medical Play

Needle Play, Sounding, Saline Injections, Enemas, and Examinations

Pet Play

Puppies, Pigs, and Ponies

Power Exchange Kinktivities

Sensual Domination, Sensation Play, Sensory Deprivation and Sensory Overload, "Forced" Orgasms, Role Play, and Bondage Cuddling

* Please note the following requirements:

    • Rope: Due to tying time, rope bondage sessions require a 2 hour minimum.
    • Couples Kink: I will only book couples play sessions after speaking with both partners.
    • Watersports: Sessions including watersports play require additional tribute.

My Passions

I absolutely adore engaging in playtime that comprises My passions, and My creative-evil-genius runs wild when I’m planning for and indulging in My favorite kinktivities. Review My passions below to learn more about why I love each one.

CBT & Ball Busting

Reminiscing back to My playground days, and My propensity towards kicking balls since My earliest years, it comes as no surprise that CBT tops the list of My favorite kinktivities!

My passion for CBT is driven by two things – power and possibilities. Men have two heads, and with the one between their legs perpetually in the driver’s seat, there’s no greater control over a man than having control over his package. And in My Kinkdom, Women ruling over men means all is right in the world. Being an adventurer at heart, I’m also drawn to CBT because its possibilities are limitless – as are the reactions I’ll evoke – unleashing My sadism on an epic adventure, and unlocking My creative-evil-genius in some truly devious ways.

I enjoy kicking, kneeing, punching, slapping, trampling, and more – My boxing gloves, spiked and studded heels, and sexy boots always leave a lasting impression. And the fun doesn’t stop there! I possess an expansive collection of CBT devices, including ball crushers, humblers, weights, stretchers, cages (with and without spikes), electronic devices, sounding rods, and needles for the more daring. Or I may go for the basics – after securing you in the CBT chair, paracord and clothespins are all I really need to keep Me amused. Intensity is based on your experience and tolerance, but you should assume you will have marks, from mild to severe, when seeing Me for CBT and ballbusting scenes.


There’s a reason B is the first letter in BDSM – as bondage is the basis of all kink – and it’s incorporated in nearly all My sessions. I love the power exchange bondage offers. It’s all about giving up control of your pleasure to Me. As your movement is restricted, your senses become heightened, the intensity of the scene rises, and My control is irrefutable.

I enjoy tremendous range with bondage, everything from tying you up with silky red rope for a sensual and seductive tease – to handcuffing you like a criminal during role play scenes – and I possess many methods to render you helpless and vulnerable. Rope, leather, handcuffs, saran wrap, spreader bars, hog ties, and duct tape, among others. No matter which method I choose to deploy, I’m always the one in control.

Predicament bondage is quickly becoming My new affinity. I love conjuring multiple bondage positions – designed with intent to create discomfort or cause pain – and then offering this deviously curated selection of surrender to My subs. No matter their choice, I take great delight in their newfound predicament!

Impact Play

I love the versatility of impact play, and it’s one of My favorite ways to push the limits of My subs. Impact play can be invoked for discipline, punishment, funishment – if subs also enjoy it – or humiliation. Play can range from sensual over-the-knee spankings with My hand or a hair brush, to medium impact with a leather belt for some light discipline. For the more advanced, I absolutely revel in wielding My whips and canes for corporal punishment.

I enjoy seeing how much My subs can and will take. How much one is willing to push themselves. How much the mind will allow the body to withstand. Observing the transition from consciousness to subspace and then back again. And the power exchange – someone trusting Me to push them to the brink of their limits, while in a state of true surrender.

As with all play, intensity is based on your experience and tolerance. From sensual Seductress to unrelenting Mistress, My sadism shines, and I am naturally comfortable in all roles where I’m administering pain, no matter the degree. In an ideal situation, you would be able to have and take marks. There are plenty of methods in My repertoire to engage in impact play without leaving marks – but L/let’s be honest – the souvenirs I graciously bestow upon your skin, and the fond remembrance it brings you, is one of the best parts of any good whipping or caning.

Tease & Denial

Nothing brings a sadistic smile to My face faster than tease and denial! Repeatedly yanking the pleasure rug out from under you brings immeasurable joy to Me by unleashing relentless torture upon you.

There’s no greater amusement for Me than bringing a sub to the brink of the inevitable, and stopping suddenly. It’s something I will never grow tired of, and I can happily spend an entire session taking you to the brink – only to be denied – over and over again. Before long, you’ll be begging for My permission, which may never be granted. If it is granted, you’ll likely be so frustrated by then, that you’ll find yourself unable! If you do manage to endure My everlasting teasing, and reach the peak of release, you will only find your happiness ruined – as one last token of My control over you, and your surrender to Me.

Sensory Deprivation

Sensory deprivation is a physical manipulation of the senses that yields powerful psychological impacts. As with all vehicles of power exchange, each sub reacts differently, and sensory deprivation is a fun way for Me to get inside your head, controlling your focus in an unnatural way due to O/our natural reliance on the five senses.

It’s well known that when one sense is taken away, the others become heightened. Employing the use blindfolds to take away your vision empowers me to commandeer the part of your brain used for sight, sending your senses of hearing and touch into overdrive. With the receptors across your skin’s surface in a state of high alert, I revel in watching as your reactions amplify – whether it’s the sudden goosebumps elicited by a simple caress with My silk scarf, or an abrupt jerk as My violet wand delivers a surprise shock – I indulge in every moment of your surrender as I exert My control over your senses.

Couples Kink

I am a firm believer that “couples who play together, stay together!” Whether you and your partner are just beginning to explore BDSM, or you’re experienced kinksters looking to increase your knowledge of consensual play, I’m here to be your guide.

I enjoy teaching and empowering both women and men alike to be confident in embracing their kinky side. You may want your partner to be more assertive and dominant in expressing their needs and desires, or you may want to engage in “rough play” but your partner is afraid they’ll hurt you – both are common things I hear from couples beginning their exploration. No matter your situation and goals, I am here to help guide your journey through all things kink.

I also find it to be a real treat when both partners are submissive in nature – the endless possibilities for delightfully devious games I can play with two subs sparks My creativity, and is a true pleasure for Me!

Whether you’re seeking guidance with one partner in the Dominant role – or you both yearn to surrender to My desires – I look forward to a kinky couples play session with you! Please note I will only book this type of session after communicating with both partners.


My Hard Limits

I enjoy a broad spectrum of BDSM and Female Domination activities that I will graciously and expertly administer. There are also certain activities in which I am not interested, and will not engage in under any circumstance. Requesting any of the following from Me will earn you a permanent place on My blocklist.


Hard Limit No. 1

I will not session with any person under 21 years of age.

Hard Limit No. 2

I will not engage in any activity that is directly sexual, illegal, unsafe, or non-consensual – this includes sex, oral sex, intimate body worship, and kissing. I am a Professional Dominatrix, meaning sessions are centered around BDSM, fetish, and Female Domination.

Hard Limit No. 3

I will not conduct sessions partially or fully nude, and will not allow bare facesitting or nude body worshipping.

Hard Limit No. 4

I will not allow any mind-altering substances during O/our session, including smoking of any kind, alcohol, or inhalants.

Hard Limit No. 5

I will not session with any person whose hard limits include bondage.

Hard Limit No. 6

I will not engage in any of the following activities:

  • Brown Showers, Ruby Showers, or Roman Showers;
  • Age Play*;
  • Incest Play;
  • Blood Play;
  • Fart Fetish;
  • Smoking Fetish; and,
  • Switching or Subbing.

* I will consider limited Age Play in the context of Humiliation and Degradation; I do not provide traditional Adult Baby Play or Diaper Fetish

Are you ready to surrender to My desires? Not so fast. First you need to review My site in full. Check out Etiquette next.