Your Training Begins Now

The following standards of etiquette and decorum set the tone for how you are expected to behave when engaging with Me. In all forums, at all times. Failure to adhere to these standards at any point – whether it’s your first words to Me on your Application to Serve, or O/our umpteenth session after several years of play – will earn your immediate dismissal from My consciousness, and a permanent place on My blocklist.

It is strongly advised that you review and understand these standards of conduct before contacting Me – and that you commit them to memory before O/our first session.


Communication Etiquette

you are required to adhere to the following standards of conduct when interacting with Me online, via email, and in person.

Show Reverence

you shall address Me as Mistress or Mistress Blaze. If your only intention is to worship Me, you may address Me as Goddess. And while I primarily session in the South, under no circumstances should you address Me as Ma’am.

Addressing me as ‘Babe’, ‘Sexy’, ‘Hun’ – or anything other than Mistress, Mistress Blaze, or Goddess – is unacceptable, and your message will be automatically discarded if you attempt to address Me in such a manner. If you address Me this way in person, I will immediately end the session, and your tribute will be forfeited.

Be Courteous

your messages to Me shall be clear, concise, sincere, subservient in nature, and polite. Vulgarity and disrespect will NOT be tolerated, and your insolence guarantees you will never experience the privilege of being in My presence. Do not inundate Me with long-winded emails or countless back-and-forth messages. My time is valuable and you are expected to respect it as such.

Understand Luxury

Professional Domination is a luxury experience and tributing accordingly is non-negotiable – any requests to be My personal, 24/7, live-in, or full-time slave will be ignored. Don’t bother trying. 


Session Etiquette

you are required to adhere to the following standards of conduct for both in person and, where applicable, distance domination sessions.

General Decorum

your purpose is to please, amuse, serve, and obey Me. It is an honor and privilege to session with Me, and you shall respect it as such, never taking My time or attention for granted.

you will not touch Me or make any unwanted contact. If you touch Me without My consent, I will terminate the session immediately and you will be escorted out of the Dungeon, forfeiting your tribute.

Respect, privacy, and discretion are paramount. All activities and identities are kept strictly confidential unless you expess a desire otherwise. I offer privacy and discretion – I expect the same in return.

When spoken to, your replies shall be immediate and honest. Do not respond with what you think I want to hear. When answering a yes or no question, the appropriate responses are “Yes, Mistress” or “No, Mistress.”

Confirmation Procedure

I will provide you with the dungeon address the day before O/our scheduled session. On day of, I will email you at least 4 hours prior to O/our scheduled start time. You shall confirm your attendance within 90 minutes of receiving My email. Failure to do so will result in your session being cancelled, and your deposit tribute being forfeited.

Good Hygiene

you will arrive clean and well groomed for every session with Me – this includes being freshly showered and having good breath. Do not overuse your fragrance or cologne.

For some types of play, performing an enema on yourself before O/our session is appropriate. If you fail to do this, you will be required to administer your enema before beginning play, which will count towards your session time.

Be Punctual

I expect you to arrive on time – no earlier, no later. If you are running late, I kindly ask that you notify Me promptly. Not showing up to O/our session will earn you a permanent place on My blocklist.

I spend considerable time planning and preparing for each scene. Those who cannot respect My time will not enjoy the privilege of My presence.

Know Your Limits

It is your responsibility to know your limits and properly communicate them in all situations – safewords will be established for you to use during play as necessary. Ultimately, you are responsible for your own safety in the activities you consent to engage in, and you are responsible for fully disclosing any conditions or circumstances that may impact your safety before the start of each session. Please feel welcome to ask if you are not sure.

Are you ready to surrender to My desires? Not so fast. First you need to review My site in full. Check out Sessions next.