Beautiful Escape

As the week passes, i continue to revisit O/our session. Mistress, thank You for giving me a place to escape inside my mind where it’s exciting and safe. O/our session was intense, thrilling, stimulating and fun. You were perfect at pushing me just one step past my limits. i am sure this goes without saying, Mistress, You are stunning. Your physical beauty is obvious – i am perhaps not even worthy to detail the exquisiteness of Your elegance. A mirror will tell You this truth far more than i am capable. If every shiny surface graced with Your reflection could speak, they would do nothing but sing the accolades of Your beauty. You, Goddess, deserve nothing less than worship from anyone who is favored enough to be in Your presence. What absolute torture it was to be goggled and denied permission to behold the grace of Your tantalizing form.

Aside from Your obvious physical beauty, Your intellect and charisma are befitting only to someone with Your magnetism. Your control of the session, confidence and true awareness of my limits, reflect a brilliance that only You possess. Especially memorable are the words You chose to speak. Since I could not see You, Your voice had all the power, and I enjoyed every syllable You declared. These words return to and thrill me often. Though I am not worthy, i will try to speak more in O/our next session (if You permit it). You are a true Goddess, and i appreciate your decision to grant me Your time. i am eagerly waiting for my schedule to open so that i may submit myself to You again.