Better Than I Ever Imagined

Were You able to deliver on the session i desired?… F#$K YES!!!

my big request was to be able to beg You for more when i really could not take any more, and that was exactly what i got to do. THANK YOU. Also, it happened in a slightly different way than i was expecting, and put me in a different (better) mindset, which i did not really appreciate until i got home.

my past experiences (with other Dommes) was to – hopefully – work up to a limit, which is awesome and a turn on. However, yesterday with You was different. i asked to be able to beg You for more, which i thought may only happen once, but You asked me repeatedly if i wanted to stay. The first couple of times You asked, i was not near my limit. But that set me up for several occasions when i KNEW i could not take any more, and then You whispered in my ear, asking me if i wanted to leave, while sounding so happy about causing me the pain i was in. The first time You did that, it was very erotic and it was easy to say yes. The second time (as i was really struggling to hold it together) You sounded even happier. Although i knew You would do the same again, it was such a turn on that i did not care, and it was even easier to beg You to let me stay so You could do more to me. That is my new happy place 🙂

For me it was a totally different dynamic (than previous experiences with other Dommes) and completely awesome. THANK YOU again.

The caning on my feet was the most intense pain in the session and totally brutal. That smaller cane is a killer. When You did that in the first session, it was no where near the level of intensity yesterday – if it had been, i may well have asked for less of it after O/our first session. Now with the dynamic of yesterday’s session, feet caning is something i would like to further explore with You, and next time push it even further. Perhaps restricting my ability to move my feet even more, so there is no where for me to go – while i hear Your laugh as i struggle, just before You whisper in my ear, asking “do you want to leave?”

The breath play. OMG. The first time You put the bag over my head, i was nervous. However, then You got close and it felt, for lack of a better word, intimate. And getting to look into Your eyes was fantastic. i loved being able to release at the end of the session while doing the breath play – kind of humiliating – and being free to stop You if i wanted, but submitting and feeling anxious while You did it, was great. HOWEVER, having my arms and legs tied and being unable to move on that chair was on another level, so nice to be completely at Your mercy with something so simple as a bag is awesome.