All sessions take place at the spacious and professionally equipped House of Whispers Dungeon conveniently located in The Triangle. I am a stickler for hygiene, so you can rest assured that I will conduct each session with meticulous cleanliness at the forefront. Shower facilities are also available.


Amenities & Equipment

The play space is a renovated airplane hangar and is complete with 3 theme rooms including a main Dungeon room, multi-purpose room, and social area.

The Dungeon Room features a bondage table, bondage cross, spider cross, throne, spanking bench, and confinement cage. It’s also equipped with angled, wall-to-wall mirrors at both ends of the room, so if you’re lucky enough not to be blindfolded, you’ll be able to watch your own torture – and your strained facial expressions as you react to My creative-evil-genius – in real time.

The Multi-Purpose Room can be configued in many ways based on the type of scene My mind has conjured for O/our time together. The room features dedicated spaces for Medical Play, including a traditional exam table, and a Sissy Makeover Station, which includes a large wardrobe stocked with lingerie, shoes, wigs, boobs, stockings, panties, and make-up.

The Social Area is equipped with couches and comfortable seating, as it offers an ideal place for pre-session discussions or providing aftercare. I also enjoy bondage cuddling on the couch, where W/we can watch My favorite FemDom pornography while you are bound and locked in chastity next to Me.

The Dungeon is located in a safe area at a private residence with off street parking. you will be provided with the address the day before your session, and you should be sure to wear vanilla clothing when arriving for your session. Discretion is always paramount.

Custom equipment includes:

  • Bondage Table
  • Bondage Cross
  • Spider Cross
  • Mounted St. Andrew’s Cross
  • Throne
  • Spanking Bench
  • Confinement Cage
  • Medical Exam Table
  • Sissy Makeover Station


For O/our mutual pleasure, the Dungeon features exclusive equipment such as:

  • Venus 2000
  • E-Stim and Violet Wand
  • Latex Vacbed and Latex Bodybag
  • Hanging Suspension Cage
  • Swing / Sling
  • F-Machine and F-Saw
  • Multiple Suspension Rigs
  • Milking Benches



Sanitation Practices

Cleanliness and sterilization are an essential part of safe play. The House of Whispers Dungeon strictly adheres to infection control procedures in accordance with the CDC’s Guidelines for Outpatient Settings. The Dungeon’s infection control procedures include several sanitation policies: No. 1. Training and Awareness All Professional Dominatrices holding sessions at House of Whispers Dungeon engage in regular training led by a dual certified healthcare professional, which includes advanced infection control training. The Professional Dominants approach infection control and toy cleaning in a mindful manner, holding themselves to the highest standard of care to protect both themselves and their clients. No. 2. Hand Hygiene The Dommes at House of Whispers engage in frequent hand-washing with antibacterial soap and water, in addition to using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, in accordance with guidance from the CDC and WHO. Disposable gloves are also worn when touching clients. No. 3. Barrier Precautions To minimize client contact with play surfaces, both disposable Chux Pads and disposable gloves are always used. Multiple pairs of disposable gloves are used with every client, including frequent changes between activities, to ensure cleanliness and sanitation. When necessary, masks and lab jackets are worn by the Dommes at House of Whispers Dungeon. No. 4. Equipment and Space Cleaning The Professional Dominatrices at the Dungeon routinely clean and disinfect all play surfaces between activities during a session, and again at the end of each session – this cleaning is performed with an EPA regulated disinfectant that is recommended for healthcare settings when sterilization is of the utmost importance. Common areas such as door knobs, floors, and bathroom facilities are also regularly cleaned by a professional cleaning service. No. 5. Sterilization of Reusable Items Sterilization of reusable items is comprehensive and follows a five step process to ensure the highest level of infection control and client safety.
  • Step 1: Reusable items (toys) are washed with antibacterial soap and water.
  • Step 2: Toys are soaked in an ultrasonic antimicrobial solution for 24 to 48 hours.
  • Step 3: Toys are again washed with antibacterial soap and water.
  • Step 4: Each toy is placed into an individual sterilization pouch and then placed in a high heat steam pressure cooker for 30 minutes at 244°F with a pressure of 10.2 to 11.6 psi.
  • Step 5: Each toy – still within its individual sterilization pouch – is then placed in a UV sterilizer at 190ºF under blue UV light for 60 minutes.
Reusable items are removed from their individual sterilization pouches just before play with each client to further ensure sterilization and client safety.