So, you’re ready to serve

Whether you’re a nervous novice contemplating your first experience, or an experienced player who’s had many sessions with Professional Dominatrices, I encourage you to review this advice for contacting a ProDomme, written by Mistress Ayn.

I expect all subs to respect My time and only inquire about a session when you are prepared to book. I maintain the right to refuse any application for any reason, and am under no obligation to disclose any such reasons to you. An inquiry is not a guarantee. you are not entitled to My time.

Booking Process

Follow the steps below to book your first Professional Domination session with Me. Should you be invited to serve Me again following your first session, I will share the booking process for subsequent sessions at that time.

STEP No. 1


Know Thyself

Determine the BDSM, fetish, and kink interests – and the associated level of play – you wish to experience in session. If you’re a nervous novice, self-reflect to be sure you are ready to explore a session with Me.

STEP No. 2


Review My Site

Review My website in its entirety – it includes everything you need to know to ensure your approach aligns with My standards. I encourage you to pay special attention to these pages:

The Mistress
Immerse yourself in My origin story and unique take on the artistry of domination to get a feel for My personality and approach.

Become familiar with My interests, passions, and hard limits to ensure I provide the type of play you seek. If your top interests are aligned with My passions, W/we are likely to enjoy a great scene. Conversely, if your most desired play activities are listed on My hard limits, W/we are not a good match.

Gain an understanding of My standards for etiquette and decorum, which set the tone for how you are expected to behave when engaging with Me. In all forums, at all times. It is strongly advised that you review these standards before submitting your application to serve.

Explore session offerings and the associated tributes – and familiarize yourself with all FAQs – to ensure you understand what’s possible and the associated protocols.

STEP No. 3


Submit Your Application

Complete your application to serve and send your sincerity tribute* per the instructions provided within the application form. Applying ensures My consideration, but does not guarantee your acceptance to serve Me – which is why thoughtfully considering Step No. 2 is strongly encouraged.

Shortly after submitting the Apply to Serve form, you will receive an automated confirmation email informing you that your application was delivered to Me successfully – check your spam folder if you do not receive this confirmation within 24 hours.

To begin your application, click the Apply to Serve button for your desired session type.

* If you’re not sure how the sincerity tribute and/or confirmation deposit tribute work, read more about both in the FAQs section.

STEP No. 4


Discuss Details & Schedule Session

Keep an eye out for My follow-up email to discuss your interests and schedule O/our session. In this message, I will answer your questions and share with you any questions I may have – this process should not exceed 5-to-7 email exchanges. If you desire a phone consultation, or require 8+ email exchanges, additional tribute will be required in consideration of My time.

If you do not receive a follow-up email from Me to discuss session details within 1 week, you may assume your application was not accepted.

STEP No. 5


Send Your Deposit Tribute

Once W/we have discussed details and agreed to a time and date for your session, you will send a deposit tribute* (equal to 50% of session tribute, less your $100 sincerity tribute) to confirm your appointment. I will NOT hold time for you on My calendar until receiving your deposit tribute. * If you’re not sure how the sincerity tribute and/or confirmation deposit tribute work, read more about both in the FAQs section.

Are you ready to surrender to My desires? Have you read My site in full? If yes, proceed with your application.


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